Proven Ways to Increase Sperm Count

It may seem odd but sperm counts are decreasing and they continue to decline by about 2% each year. In fact, sperm counts are 50% lower now than in the 1940’s. Why this is so is because of man’s adverse lifestyle changes, poor nutrition, and exposure to hazardous chemicals and substances. Faced with this reality, some helpful tips to boost your sperm count and cum more will be randomly discussed in this article.


1- Reduce stress levels. Stress has always been a bane for mankind since time immemorial. Even major diseases such as cancer can be caused by too much stress. It has also been blamed for decrease in sperm count which is scientifically explained as follows:

>Too much stress can actually stop you from producing sperm altogether. This is because stress hormones can block leydig cells which are responsible for regulating your testosterone production.

>Avoid staying up late at nights and give yourself enough rest and sleep. Exhaustion increases stress level leading to a considerable decrease in sperm production.

2- Don’t overheat your testicles. Doctors point this out often. The reason why your testicles are hanging outside your body is because they need to be aerated to stay cooler than the other internal organs. When testicles are overheated, they do not produce enough sperm. To avoid this, try doing the following tips:

>Don’t wear jeans and pants that are too tight for you.

>Wear loose boxer shorts instead of briefs.

>Sleep without your underwear to cool your testicles.

>Avoid saunas and hot baths.

3- Ejaculate less frequently. This may sound depressing but frequent ejaculations actually deplete your sperm supply. If you masturbate or have sex daily, minimize the frequency to boost sperm production.

4- Exercise regularly. It is a fact that exercise helps in sperm production by releasing testosterone into the body. Practice variety in your exercises to give your muscles enough time to rebuild and produce more testosterone in the process. Some tips to follow:

>Regulate your workouts. Too much exercise can release adrenal steroid hormones which may cause testosterone deficiency.

>Avoid anabolic steroids. They may help you pack more muscles but they can shrink your testicles and cause infertility.

5- Avoid toxins. Exposure to toxins from hazardous chemicals and other substances can affect the count, movement, and sizes of your sperm. Decrease your exposure by doing the following:

>If your work involves chemicals, wear gloves and long sleeves to protect your skin. Make sure also to wear goggles and mask to protect your eyes and face.

>Do not use chemicals for cleaning.

>Don’t use herbicides or in your yard or house.

6- Eat healthy foods. Healthy foods low in fat, high in protein, with more whole grains and vegetables, are definitely good for your health and virility. Here are specific diets to increase your sperm count:

>Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, eggs, fish, and meat.

>Pumpkin seeds, sunflower, cashews, walnuts, and peanuts are also sperm count boosters.

>Try to avoid high-fructose corn syrup and soy-based foods. Soy foods can give an estrogenic effect which is not good for grooming sperm. High-fructose corn syrup, on the other hand, can lower infertility. Interestingly, men who regularly drinks coke have lower sperm count (about 30%) compared to men who don’t.

Generally speaking, a healthy individual has a healthy sperm count. If this decreases, it means either you are physically unhealthy, or you are into an unhealthy lifestyle. Have a regular check up to find out any irregularity in your sperm count. If you discover insufficient number, then identify the causes and determine how to boost your sperm count based on the previously given list.

Tips On How To Go Down On A Girl

Men like having sex but they do not take time to ensure that the woman gets adequately pleasured in the process. No wonder the rates of divorce and separation are ever skyrocketing. Again, this may explain why your once enthusiastic woman has recently grown cold toward you. Perhaps you do not have her cookie eaten right. You should not worry if you are a victim of under-perfomance in bed. This article explores a number of tips that will equip you with the right techniques to ensure that your lady feels maximally pleasured. Read on to know some tips on how to go down on a girl.

The first step involves getting your woman comfortable by giving lavish comments about how her vagina is pretty. Make sure you give her verbal assurances of how stunning it is and how you enjoy eating it. Many women get turned off when the guy appears like he is not wowed by their pussy. You should remove this doubt and discomfort by telling her that her pussy looks great and you like it very much. Keeping quiet might imply that you have found the opposite of your expectations.

Secondly, you are advised to kiss her inner thighs thoroughly. Make sure your adequately tickle and tease them in order to create some inner build-up before you penetrate her. Lick her sweet spot. At this point, you need to figure out where the clitoris is and what it really is. You will find this to be the most sensitive part in a woman’s genitalia and you should therefore teasingly play with it as much as you can. Make sure that your tongue is as consistent as you would want her to be when she goes down on you. Make sure that you repeat the pattern over and over again. You may however throw in some variety for fun. Because women are different, you are advised to first find out the moves that she enjoys the most. Capitalize on moves that give her optimum sensation.

Make use of your fingers as well. Use them to go in and out as you continue licking. Many guys rush into sex shortly after this step. You should play with her pussy until she achieves the orgasm. Once she has warmed up, it is the time to fuck her silly. After you have licked her pussy, lick her mouth to let her know that you really enjoy the taste of her honey pot.

While doing your stuff, you need to ensure that you maintain an easy and steady flow of communication. This will make it easy for her to offer her suggestions in case there’s something you are not doing right. It really does no matter how experienced you are. The fact is that women are different and would want to be pleasured differently. Note that you may even fail to impress despite your prowess if you do not appear receptive to her suggestions. Let her tell you what makes her feel the sweetest and do exactly that.

Cellulite Treatments That Work and Provide Lasting Results

Always remember that the best solution for cellulite is not those that promise to offer quick treatment. When a product promises this, it simply means that the result you get is only temporary. It is necessary to treat cellulite with a long-term solution.  Among the common reasons why cellulite occurs is inactive lifestyle. It might be a challenge to find cellulite treatment that works, but it is not impossible. In this writing we will discuss some natural ways to deal with cellulite.

Cellulite Treatment that Works: Knowing Cellulite More

The prime target of cellulite is women. Though there are men who have this condition, most of the sufferers are women. The problem with cellulite is once it occurs, getting rid of it is really hard. Prior to going for medical treatment, it is best to go natural first. This is not only safe, effective but cost-efficient as well.

Go for More Physical Activities

More physical activities mean that blood circulation also improves. The main goal of getting active is to improve metabolism. It would surely be hard for the body to lose weight with a slow metabolism. It is not necessary that you spend a lot of hours on the gym. All you have to do is to have an active lifestyle. If your work is the reason why you are sitting in front of your computer for long hours, try to do some movements every 30 minutes. You could have a short work or anything as long as you get out of your chair. This is among the best cellulite treatment that work.

The Importance of Water

It will do you no harm if you drink plenty of water and the good part is it offers a lot of health benefits including treatment for cellulite. Water is essential in removing toxins in the body. Together with taking vitamins such as Vitamins C and E, you are eliminating toxins which could also cause the development of cellulite.

Proper Nutrition

It would also be a good practice to start eating right. You need to ensure that your body is well-nourished. To help improve your metabolism, you need a diet rich in protein. This helps a lot when it comes to building and toning the muscles. With this, cellulite is eliminated. Fat storage in the body is slowly reduced as you gain muscles thus lesser room for cellulite.

In looking for cellulite treatment that works it is a smart move to first consider some natural ways to do it. This way, you are safe in getting rid of cellulite while not spending that much. Watch the following Youtube video ( to see how an expert reveals some misconceptions about cellulite.